Physical Asset Integrity Management

Spearpoint Engineering resolves challenging asset structural integrity problems in the mining, automotive, agriculture, construction, material handling, power, water and railway.

Spearpoint Engineering provides Engineering Visual Inspection services to assess the physical conditions and consequently fitness-for-service of the physical assets during their operating life cycles.

Measurement of the operational responses of physical assets to understand the fundamental underlying structural integrity problems. These include strain, temperature, forces, acoustic and accelerations.

Spearpoint Engineering has extensive experience of using the measured response and appropriate signal processing and machine learning techniques to identify and diagnose machine and structural health for the continuous assessment of asset condition.

This is helpful in making better justified maintenance and life cycle management decisions in a variety of asset intensive industries.

Utilisation of the state-of-the-art infrared cameras to see what a naked eye cannot, that is, heat. This is an excellent technique utilised by Spearpoint Engineering to monitor amongst others the electrical systems, furnaces, boilers, heat exchangers, gearboxes.
Our extensive experience and expertise in the field of structural mechanics and dynamics, from both an analytical and measurements perspective enables us to determine the root cause of asset failure.
Evaluation of the existing design against the design requirements to verify if the design is able to meet the requirements. Spearpoint Engineering is able to review designs of the mechanical and structural system.
Spearpoint Engineering performs oil analysis to monitor the condition of the oil and the components with which the oil comes into contact with. The process involves oil sampling and sending of the sample to an accredited SANAS Laboratory for analysis according to the relevant standard.